1 Easy Way for Christian Families to Save on Health Care Every Year

Nothing is guaranteed during this earthly life but God’s unconditional love and never ending grace. Apart from that, Christian families must make the best decisions for their children and the legacy they will leave behind.

If you have health insurance, you may still have medical debt you cannot pay off every month. In fact, 44% of Americans with health insurance say that medical debt affects their lives every day. To combat escalating health care debt, people skip vacations, take second jobs, spend less on food and clothing and might even ask family or friends to help them pay the bills.

Since eliminating health problems or never taking the kids to the doctor is out of the question, what can you do to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year on health expenses?

Ditch your doctor.

This isn’t a recommendation for a permanent breakup with your physician – there are instances when seeing a specialist or getting a second opinion are necessary. However, the majority of doctor office consultations and Urgent Care visits can be handled by board certified physicians over the phone or through video chat for little to no cost.

The average child sees a doctor 3.5 times a year; adults average 3 times a year. That means a family of five can see a group of doctors an average of 16 times during the course of a year, if not more. A conservative estimate of doctor consultations without any Urgent Care visits puts this family of five $1,328 in debt.

One way to avoid instant medical debt is to use telemedicine physicians who are available 24/7. Toddler earache? Pre-teen pink eye? Spouse’s hacking cough? With telemedicine doctors, one phone call or video chat can put a patient on the road to wellness in less than 30 minutes without driving to a clinic and waiting in a lobby with other sick people. Telemedicine doctors can also prescribe common medications and antibiotics to help you and your loved ones get on the road to health.

As a member of HealthValues, telemedicine visits are FREE and unlimited. Our family of five, with a total yearly doctor bill of $1,328, would have a zero medical bill balance using their HealthValues membership for telemedicine services.

With HealthValues it’s easy to manage your family’s monthly cash flow, keep medical bill collectors away, and put the extra dollars saved in the bank for your family’s future and wellbeing.

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