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3 Simple Ways Families Can Save on Health Care

Health care costs continue to rise, and there is no relief in sight for everyday consumers. So what can you do to curb health care spending without foregoing the doctor altogether? Here are three ways an average family can save on medical spending and still get the care they need.

Shop For Health Care Like Travel

By now you are familiar with price shopping for hotels, airline tickets, and vacations through websites like Kayak, Priceline and Expedia. But how do those sites offer cheap travel deals? They look for travel vendors who want to fill their capacity and book all of their rooms or seats, even if it’s at a lower rate because a little money is better than no money at all.

Health care providers are getting into the same game.

Historically consumers have been in the dark about health care costs, paying the allotted amount their health insurance company deems “reasonable.” However, because health care costs continue to rise, it can actually be cheaper to skip filing a claim with your insurance company and find a provider looking to “fill their seats” by offering lower cost care. The quality of service is the same, but at a more affordable price. These reduced rates can typically be found for imagery services, like MRIs, X-rays and CT scans, plus certain types of surgeries, lab work and more.

Ask For Help

It’s hard to admit you might not know everything about how the health care system works. That’s why fair pricing services, health care advocates and medical bill negotiators are excellent resources for helping you get the best services possible, handle the hard-to-ask questions and find the most affordable care you probably wouldn’t know about without asking.

Fair pricing services compare medical procedures and doctor fees in your exact region with overall outcomes. A highly reputable hospital in your local area might have an award-winning cancer center, but they only have mediocre results for knee replacement surgery. Name brand care doesn’t always equate the best care, and comparative services can help you find the optimum service for your special needs.

Patient advocates serve as concierges to help transfer medical records, get appointments for second opinions and review treatment plans or medications with you away from the doctor’s office. Advocates are independent of providers, making you or your loved one their number one focus. In addition to helping save valuable time when you need treatment, they can also serve as a mediary between you and your medical facility when frustrations arise.

Medical bill negotiators are the first line of defense when health care bills pile up quickly. They can help guide you through negotiating discounts on services if you are more than 30 days overdue on a bill, and teach you what to look for on future invoices to avoid double-billing and medical errors. If your claims get to the point of needing a health care attorney, medical bill negotiators can recommend lawyers who specialize in health care law in your region.

Supplement Health Insurance With Extra “Insurance For Your Insurance”

Health insurance used to be all a family needed to stay financially protected from large expenses. Not anymore. Today medical deductibles have risen past the $5,000 and $10,000 mark, making out-of-pocket health care expenses cost the same as a used car. Yet approximately 62% of Americans don’t even have $1,000 in savings, according to So what happens when an unexpected accident or major illness strikes?

Today many families are getting “insurance for their insurance,” which covers their health insurance deductible should the unexpected occur. Supplemental health insurance does just that – it “supplements” what consumers are responsible for out of their own pocket. This cash benefit can help pay for medical bills or other lifestyle necessities like child care, the mortgage or student loan debt.
Discount and supplemental health care programs can save families thousands of dollars and help alleviate stress and worry. As the first of its kind in the Christian marketplace, HealthValues can connect faith-forward consumers directly to these discount programs, saving time while providing access to the best services available. Join HealthValues risk-free today and start saving!