Why HealthValues Was Launched

HealthValues was started because health care costs too much and it comforts too little. Those who share common Christian values have a dilemma: How do we connect our faith and values with our health care finances for good?

We believe it is our responsibility as stewards to do all we can to make the right health care choices and spend no more than we should.  Is it not our responsibility to preserve all that we can of our financial assets for our children, our community, and the world in which we live?

HealthValues was formed to help Christians boldly act….and be wiser about health care spending.

We  do this by providing factual information about health care costs, giving you access to like-minded experts who will help you make wise decisions, and by using our collective buying power to negotiate costs that are fair and reasonable. And, finally, HealthValues provides a way to fund out-­of-­pocket health care costs that are often not covered by health insurance plans.

Working together, we can reduce what we pay out-­of-­pocket for health care while potentially improving our personal results — all the while knowing that as we become better stewards of our health, we will be able to direct more to the activities, organizations and long-term plans that match our values.

HealthValues is an organization helping Christians become wiser with money, create collective buying power and advocate for smarter health care solutions.