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Imaging Costs

Save on Medical, Discounted imagery and surgery services

The cost for radiology services at local hospitals and facilities can vary wildly, and you typically don’t know if you are paying more compared to another facility just minutes away. That’s where Save on Medical can help. HealthValues’ imaging partner, Save on Medical, connects members to the best pricing for X-­rays, MRIs, CT scans, mammograms ultrasounds and more. Patients schedule online and pay cash immediately, or they can file a claim through an insurance company. It’s up to you how you pay, and how much you can save.

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What people are saying about Save on Medical

“Save On Medical is a legit amazing website! I was quoted $2,500 for an MRI somewhere else. Then I booked through SaveOn and paid $500 flat! Thanks to my friend who shared it with me after it saved her money too.”

“We were previously charged $5,000.00-$7,000.00 for scans, plus the reading fees. Afterwards, we found out about Save On Medical. My husband has no insurance, but the hospital charged us that much anyway. It was so frustrating! We know he will need to have another scan—and I will be using Save On Medical.”

{VIDEO} Save on Medical aims to help consumers save on doctor bills, and it’s as easy to use as booking the cheapest flight online. Watch now.