How Paying Cash For Medical Services Can Save Money

As the health care and health insurance industries become more transparent about pricing, they are pushing the responsibility of finding the best care and best costs on consumers. Today you have to comparison shop for your health insurance coverage, make sure your doctor or medical facility is in-network, and understand how much your health plan will pay after your deductible is met.

The one unwavering truth we can all agree on? Health care is expensive. Yet costs can wildly differ depending on location and facility. A hip MRI in Miami averages $1,734, while the same MRI costs an average of $1,009 in Chicago. And one MRI facility can cost hundreds of dollars less than another. But with price transparency, health care consumers can choose which facility they want to receive treatment, and how much they want to pay.

Save on Medical

With HealthValues’ preferred partner, Save on Medical, you have access to full price transparency. Search for an imaging center or surgical facility, compare providers, select a location based on convenience, business accreditation scores or extra amenities, then schedule and pay for your appointment in advance of services. Savings can total up to 89% off the retail price.

Why Pay Cash?

About 30 years ago, purchasing a car in cash offered the buyer more negotiating power. Paying cash meant little paperwork, no bank loan hassles and immediate money in the car dealership’s coffers. Today paying cash for medical services carries the same philosophy. By removing the middle man (the insurance company), providers get cash in hand to help fund their practice. Insurance companies negotiate pricing down, and don’t always pay providers in a timely fashion, which makes cash payments much more attractive to a provider.

TIP: If you might not meet your medical deductible during the year, paying cash for imagery or surgery services could ultimately save you money compared to submitting a claim to your health insurance company and paying their negotiated rate for the same service. Check with your health insurance carrier before you book an appointment to see if the discounted retail price or the insurance price is your least expensive option.

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