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Health insurance doesn't cover what it used to.

Deductibles, copays, coinsurance are your responsibility, make health care expensive.
HealthValues can help lessen the burden of medical expenses and save you money.

How HealthValues Works

Dylan breaks his arm

His family receives a medical bill for $1,316.36

Without HealthValues, family has to pay entire bill

With HealthValues, family receives $1,316.36 in cash to pay entire bill

Ann gets a respiratory infection

She goes to urgent care to get a diagnosis and prescription

Without HealthValues, Ann pays $140 Urgent Care bill

With HealthValues Ann gets doctor consultations for FREE ($0)

Lori needs an MRI on her knee

The average cost in her area is $1,734

Without HealthValues, Lori has to pay the entire bill

With HealthValues
Lori pays only $443

Be prepared for the unexpected. Lower your health care costs.

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These stories are based on real life events and demonstrate example savings.

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