Six stories explain how HealthValues benefits can help you save


Retail Sales

How You Can Benefit From HealthValues

Peter & Claudia have a high deductible family health plan. Here’s how they saved money on their health expenses during the year with HealthValues benefits.


Future MLS player


Discounts on Imagery and Lab Services

Last year Anna’s teenage son hurt his ankle playing soccer. Months later, Jack is still experiencing continued discomfort so his doctor recommends an ankle MRI.


Business management


24/7 Access to Doctors 365 Days a Year

Kathy is a busy mom. With two sick kids, Kathy used her HealthValues membership to call a board certified physician and got prescriptions for both girls.


Internet CFO


Medical Bill Negotiation Assistance

Using his HealthValues membership, Hank contacts a health care attorney to help him negotiate lower costs on his medical bills.


Professional handy man


Lower Prescription Drug Costs

Jesse’s prescription drug costs can add up in a hurry. Jesse uses his discount prescription drug card to get savings on important medicine he needs to stay healthy.

The Bauers

Always having fun


Supplemental Products to Cover Medical Bills

When the Bauers’ daughter broke her wrist, they were left with an ER cost of $6,000. Read here to see how their HealthValues membership helped them.

Jackie and David

Ongoing medical issues


Online Community Support

HealthValues helped Jackie and David save more than $1,000 by selecting a health care plan that’s right for their medical needs.

These stories are based on real life events and demonstrate example savings.