How You Can Benefit From HealthValues

Peter, Retail Sales

Peter and his wife, Claudia have a $5,000 high deductible health plan for their family. The family is also part of the HealthValues community and are enrolled in a family HealthValues One plan for just $39.99 a month.

Here’s how Peter and Claudia saved money on their health care expenses during the year using their member benefits.

Peter’s Accident

One Saturday Peter overloaded his arms with too many objects and fell down the basement stairs. His ankle swelled and he was in extreme pain. Claudia drove Peter to the emergency room, and the X-ray determined his ankle was broken. Costs for the broken ankle:*

ER Visit: $1,374
Stress Test X-ray: $60
Doctor’s Fee: $200
Short Leg Cast: $238
Total Health Care Costs: $1,872

HealthValues One Family membership paid 100% of Peter’s medical bills for the accident.

The Kids Got Sick

Peter’s son got bronchitis and strep throat this year. His daughter had one ear infection. The family knew what symptoms to look for in both children, and what medications and antibiotics worked well in the past. When Peter’s children got sick, he used his HealthValues membership to consult with a board-certified physician and got prescriptions called into their pharmacy.

With HealthValues membership, doctor consultations are just $49 per visit.

Cost vs. Savings Value

HealthValues One Family Membership: $39.99 per month

Accidents and Illness:
Peter’s Accident: $1,872 — Paid in full by HealthValues accident and illness coverage
Sick kids: $98 — a $200 savings on average
Total Value: $2,072

For $39.99 per month, Peter and his family saved $2,072 in one year!

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*Average costs based on fair price from Healthcare Bluebook.