Lower Prescription Drug Costs

Jesse, Professional handy man

Jesse has a history of blood clots problems, so his doctor keeps him on Coumadin to regulate blood flow and reduce his risk of stroke or a heart attack.

Jesse also has high cholesterol, so he takes Crestor to keep his levels below 200. His doctors think he’s doing a great job maintaining his health, but he has to take prescription drugs in order to feel good and stay active. Crestor retails at $215 and generic Coumadin is $18.

While his generic Coumadin is only $18 a month, Crestor retails at $215. But Jesse only pays $14 for both prescriptions using his HealthValues discount prescription drug card. That is $219 in savings every month!

And the HealthValues discount prescription drug card can be used for almost any medication, anytime. When Jesse got a sinus infection and needed a z-pack, he only paid $19 for the medication compared to the $38 retail price.

Even if Jesse doesn’t have his HealthValues discount card on him, he can get a text or email with his drug savings to show the pharmacist. It’s instant savings for him every time he visits the pharmacy.

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