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Jackie and David, Ongoing medical issues

Jackie and David both struggle with different medical ailments, and while not serious, they are continually using Jackie’s low deductible employer health coverage to pay for doctor office visits, specialists, lab work, ongoing chiropractic care and prescription drugs.

Last summer, Jackie lost her job, and since David is self­-employed, they decided to get health insurance coverage through the federal marketplace to cover themselves and their one daughter, who is active in sports. As a HealthValues member, Jackie and David have access to the HealthValues friendly customer care specialists who can answer questions about how their health insurance works, and what questions they should ask their insurance company about claims. Jackie also works with onlineHealthValues consultants to discuss some of the most recent medical bills she had received to get a better understanding of her Explanation of Benefits. When Jackie or David need to file a claim for an accident, they just log into their HealthValues account and download the forms they need.

Using HealthValues online tools and expert advice, Jackie and David have saved more than $1,000 by working with HealthValues specialists who guided them through the confusing world of health insurance claims.

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