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Christians have more options when it comes to health insurance

You’re probably aware that health plan open enrollment is in full swing. But did you know that a few things are different this year […]

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Stressed Out About Health Care? You Don’t Need To Be.

Stressed out about health care? Check out this reading to see why Americans are not confident in the health care choices and what you can do to fix that.

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Health Care Is Like a Box of Chocolates

Healthcare can be a box of chocolates if you know how to shop for health care & work with organizations that provide the best value for medical services.

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The Solution For Expensive Health Care

What can people do to lower health costs and place the extra cash into their saving accounts before the retirement years sneak up on them? Read here.

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3 Simple Ways Families Can Save on Health Care

Healthcare costs continue to rise, and there’s no relief in sight for consumers. What can you do to curb healthcare spending without foregoing the doctor?

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6 Factors for Better Health Care Engagement With a Doctor

Advocating for yourself or a loved one at the doctor’s office is vitally important. Here are six ways to champion for your best health outcomes.

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How To Get Ahead of Medical Bills

The United States is the most expensive place to get sick or treat an illness. Follow some of these tips to learn how to get ahead of your medial bills.

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